Replacement Desktops

Why replace desks when you can save money and replace just the tops ?

Our replacement desktop service is totally customisable to your specific needs and tailor made to your requirements. In 90% of circumstances there is no need for a whole desk to be replaced, it’s only the work surface that requires replacing and therefore saving a huge cost on your overall project. Tatty, old and worn desktops are common place in schools, colleges and universities around the UK and few facilities managers realise the options they have when it comes to renewing furniture in their organisation. In most circumstances the desktops themselves can easily be removed and re-fitted by a caretaker or member of staff, however we also offer an on-site fitting service in cases where this is not practical or possible.

Our desktops can be made to virtually any size and shape including curves and patterns in a huge range of plain colour and woodgrain finishes, we can also implement cable management holes and upstands where required. All our panels and desktops are manufactured from EU sourced furniture grade MDF and we use high quality 2mm PVC edgebanding which will survive the daily rigours of student use. We are happy to quote from your drawings or specifications and discuss the different options available.
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